After School Program

Our after-school music and movement program will incorporate a variety of music styles such as folk music, children’s music, world music, jazz and classical music. This variety will provide children with the experience of the richness of music and the exposure to a variety of instruments and instrument combinations, some of which they might not have been familiar with before.

We will be working on the strengthening of rhythm, melody and pitch. We are aiming to build musical skills and complete or build upon “Basic Music Competence” (the ability to sing in tune and keep a beat). Furthermore, we like to work on coordination, enabling children to move to the beat through dance, instrument play, or while singing.

Singing will be a big part of this program, helping children to develop and strengthen their own voices and express themselves through music. We will include a light voice warm up at the beginning of each class and introduce musical terms and notation. As creative play and acting out stories plays a huge part in the development of children ages 4-7, we will put emphasis on creativity in singing and through movement. Creativity will also help in the development of social skills by working together with partners and in small groups.


Age Group: Children ages 3-5 or 5-7
Dates: will be adjusted to the schedule of the school
Total cost per child: will vary by length, time and amount of classes offered
Additional Siblings Fee: will vary by length and time
(Payment can be made here with any major credit card or by check)
Starting Date: dependent on the schedule of the school