“Ray and I had such a great time at the first class. It was so beautiful I got really emotional, and I felt tears come into my eyes a few times. I was just so happy to spending this special time with my baby, and to be doing it in such a positive environment. You really attract wonderful families – I felt like your class was an oasis in NYC!” – Alison

“Through our music sessions Lianne gained more confidence, expanded her memory and language skills, and even started developing reading techniques by following the words under the notes in the song book… We feel extremely lucky to have met Gabriele and join her music program.  Gabriele’s enthusiasm, passion to music, and high energy level are being radiated throughout her classes.  She has a great, loving approach to young children and knows how to keep them engaged.  Gabriele’s sense of creativity, outgoing personality, and vocal and acting capabilities are unmatched.  All these qualities make her classes not only a fun experience but a strong foundation for the love of music for many years to come.  And while the weekly classes help establishing this foundation, the sky is the limit to what level you can take in the personal life. Thank you, Gabriele, for making such a great impact on our family’s life.” – Laura

“My children (ages 3 1/2 and 2) have literally been going for their entire lives to Sol La Ti’s Music Together (in Morningside Heights and Harlem). Not only do they love it completely when they’re there and miss it when they’re not there, they have learned more from it than I can possibly describe here. They sang early, they spoke early, they danced early and they found a sense of joy in performance that I attribute directly to the time they spent at Sol La Ti and under the guidance of its amazing director, Gabriele Tranchina. Gabriele is a great teacher of children, (when is the last time you saw a roomful of toddlers literally entranced by someone speaking?), she is a great musician and singer who can captivate a roomful of tired parents as well…” – Gail

“Just a little note to let you know how much you are loved and appreciated! You have been a wonderful influence in Annike’s life– helping her not only appreciate music, but to be comfortable and even confident around others, to be generous and kind to other children, and to enjoy helping out (yes, she is your assistant on Wednesdays, but she has brought this spirit home with her and to us too!).” – Karen

“I wanted to thank you for teaching true music to Emma-Rose throughout the past 2 years and for giving such a constructive feedback to us when we had attention issues in class with Emma-Rose. Our family thinks very highly of you and of your program and we will treasure the CDs and book that we got through Sol La Ti. All the best”  – Laureline

“Thank you for all you do in your classes.  I work in education, and was incredibly impressed by your class when I got to come.  Especially how seamless all of your transitions are, and how wonderful you are with the kids.  I loved that I got to get a taste of what Hailey gets to enjoy with Evett every week.” – Meredith

“I want to thank you for an incredible experience with both of my kids over the past couple of years. Your class is not only fun but also so important from a developmental perspective.” – Sara

“The children’s music teacher Guru. Wonderful teacher, creates beautiful bonds with her students. And an amazing singer/performer!” – Sonia