Musikalische Mäuse

 Musikalische Mäuse 

Sol La Ti Music has been offering Music Together® classes since 1997 in Morningside Heights and Harlem and received the Golden Daisy Award for best enrichment program by Macaroni Kids in 2014 and the “Local Business Person of the Year 2021 by Alignable. This German off shoot is a new addition created for the German speaking community and also for those who would like to learn a new language with their children.

Director: Gabi, a German native, is an international jazz vocalist performing in the US and Europe. She has released two CD’s “The Old Country” and “A Song Of Love’s Color,” on the “Jazzheads” record label. Her newest CD: “Of Sailing Ships and the Stars in your Eyes” (Rainchant Eclectic Records) will be released in October 2017.  In 1997 she founded Sol La Ti Music, and overlooks a staff of 4 teachers supervising 4 locations. Ms. Tranchina holds a BFA in Education from JW Goethe University, Frankfurt. She came to New York to independently continue her studies in dance and voice. Gabi is a voice instructor certified level 3 (highest level) in “Somatic Voicework TM” and a Certified Level 2 (highest level) Music Together instructor.  She also plays guitar and some piano. In 2012 some of her German speaking families showed a strong desire for Gabi to offer a music class in German. She started “German Music Together” but the German families preferred the focus exclusively on German song material. Hence “Musikalische Mäuse” was born.

“Musikalische Mäuse” is a German immersion music and movement program for babies, toddlers, and preschoolers created by Gabriele Tranchina, director of Sol La Ti Music, Inc.

The song material used in class derives from the German folk tradition, spiced up with a contemporary flair, allowing families to reconnect with their own childhood memories and passing them on to the next generation in a fun-filled way. Old and young will enjoy learning how to use the songs creatively and how to include them in their daily routines.

We invite non-German speakers to join in as well, and make sure that everyone can follow easily. The classes are age appropriately designed. They are infused with finger plays, dance segments and instrument exploration and provide a rich environment for music development, creativity and cognitive development. Learning a language through music is very effective.

Rhythm and melody help the brain to memorize with ease. The latest research shows that music has a unique way in activating speech pathways. Come and find out what it can do for you and your child.

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Free Demo Class Musikalische Mäuse Mon March 25 at 2:30pm

25th Mar 2024

Monday, March 25 at 2:30pm Broadway Presbyterian Church, 601 W 114 St (corner Broadway)Please RSVP by emaing us at